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USTA Eastern Reorganizes

April 5, 2010 01:12 AM

Dear Organizational Member:

We want to take this opportunity to re-introduce/introduce ourselves and update you on 2010 Eastern reassignments and inform you about some of the benefits available to you.

Sandy Hoffman is the Tennis Service Representative (TSR) for the Southern Region. She is responsible for working with the Region's Organizational Members and serves as a “generalist” delivering all USTA Eastern programs and initiatives. Sonia Sader is the Tennis Program Specialist (TPS) for the Southern and Metro Regions.  Her primary focus and responsibilities are USTA Jr. Team Tennis, USTA League Tennis and USTA Sanctioned Tournaments.  Together we work with our Members, Volunteers, Community Tennis Associations (CTAs) and other individuals and groups within the Region, and throughout the Section, to achieve our common goal -- the growth of tennis.

Please be reminded of our many resources, training manuals, curriculum guides, scholarships and grants that are available to you as Organizational Members. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these opportunities with you.

We are privileged to work with you, as you are the dedicated individuals that strive each day to provide people of all ages, ability levels and backgrounds the chance to play and enjoy the sport of tennis.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Sandy Hoffman
Tennis Service Representative (TSR)

Sonia Sader
Tennis Program Specialist (TPS)