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Goetz and Price Earn Player of the Day at USTA Spring Nationals

April 11, 2012 11:09 AM
Gabriella Price
By Marlena Hall,
April 8
Day 1’s spirit at the USTA Boys’ & Girls’ 12 National Springs Championships(April 8 - 13, 2012), has been anything but pastel and there were more than a few ‘peeps’ to go around! After all, the Masters Golf Tournament was a buzzin, and with three-hundred and twenty matches recorded today, the weather and surface conditions made today’s scheduling par for the course.
It may be a low of 45 degrees in Greenlawn, NY, but #17 seed Ryan Goetz soaked up plenty Palm Beach County 80+ degree sun as he battled through six singles sets to earn his place in the Round of 32. With an early morning wake-up call and an 8am match, Goetz faced Floridian, Jack C. Lee (Coral Gables, FL) who is no stranger to the soft n’ slick surface. Struggling to find his footing in the early set, Goetz garnered the courage to reclaim his stake in the Clay by capturing the next two sets and the eventual win 3-6, 6-3, 6-3.
Next up was a 1pm match at Boca West Country Club against Scott A. Bout (Lake Bluff, IL). After bagging a ‘bagel’ in Bout’s first round against Justin Boulais (Hilton Head Island, SC), Goetz knew he had to keep up his momentum to foray Boulais in Delray. Being no fool to first set flounders, Goetz seized the first set before falling short in the second but pronounced his reign in the deciding set, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. The 7th grader who is already a four-star recruit on is getting a (very) early April Spring signing, as Ryan Goetz is our unanimous first round choice for Day 1 Boys’ 12 "Player of the Day!"
April 10
At the rate Gabriella Price (Montebello, New York) is growing, she’s going to be at least 4 inches taller by the end of this tournament…finally legal to ride Splash Mountain. Comparing Price to yesterday’s Day 2 Girls "Player of the Day," Ysabelle Arambulo (Los Angeles, CA) is T-Rex standing next to Gabriella. You get the point, she’s...petite. In this tennis community, however, the weight of her name outstands her shoe size. "At National events you see the girls who are younger, new to the 12s and Nationals and you can tell the week is going to be a learning experience." says John Butler, Girls 12s Site Director at the Delray Swim & Tennis Club. "You kind of know what to expect when they come back to the tournament desk to report scores. Gabriella is that girl, but she keeps coming back with W’s."
Today Gabriella faced Jacqueline Nannery (Canton, MA) at 8:15am. Weighing in at a stone and a half short of her competitor, and equally hidden by her shadow, the sub-4 footer declared war on all things tall and and charged through her Southwest Back Draw match with a more-than-convincing 6-0, 6-1 win. Might I also add, Nannery is a top-250 player in the country, a talented gal. But this day, this week, has proven success and worthiness for the Wildcard recipient from New York. Congratulations for charging up mountains and having no fear, Ms. Price. For your efforts and results, we are proud to call you the Day 3 Girls 12 "Player of the Day."